Demystify Crypto For Your CFO

The tax benefits for donors giving in cryptocurrency versus, first, liquidating in USD is far too compelling to ignore. With this goal in mind, we provide the expertise to simplify and demystify crypto giving.

With over 35% of your millennial alumni owning a crypto portfolio, taking cryptocurrency donations is a must. However, fewer than 5% of universities currently accept them. Why? Crypto seems risky, complicated and often misunderstood. After speaking with dozens of universities, the overwhelming feedback we have received is: “It is not if we will accept crypto, but rather when we will accept crypto.”

Many universities are waiting for that first major crypto gift before they go through the hassle of setting up and managing accounts, digital wallets, and other complexities associated with them. With our solution, we do all the work for you and can have your institution crypto ready in days. In reality, you won’t receive crypto donations without asking for or promoting them. We can also assist you with a comprehensive web3 fundraising strategy.

Providers have recently come on the scene with product solutions to streamline the process to accept crypto currencies, but most still require universities and nonprofits to own a digital wallet. However, using BRD’s CryptoGiving, with our cutting edge DonorFi Technology, this is no longer necessary. We include a managed digital wallet that mimics how credit card processing works. Universities receive funds directly in USD in their bank accounts, which includes a reconciliation donor report. It’s that simple!

Receive A 50% Credit On Your Setup Fee!

Schedule a demo with us by clicking below and receive 50% credit on your setup fee. We look forward to starting a conversation on Web3 fundraising.

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