Refresh Your Constituent Professional Data Before Giving Season

As the Giving Season fast approaches, what better time of year to refresh your constituent records with current Professional Data. My last blog, “A Paradigm Shift: Capture Professional Data vs. Current Employer“, explored the benefits of keeping your Pro-data updated, e.g.., cultivation of c-suite of execs, prospect research, discovering new matching gift opportunities, career development and corporate relations.

As my good friend an HigherEd Advancement industry veteran Chris Pipkins, Senior Director of Management Consulting at Zuri Group, an Advancement Technology, Implementation, Business Strategy firm, shared with me:

“When considering (or in the thick of) an implementation, we hear clients often wondering whether to clean up data before migrating to a new CRM, during said migration, or after go-live. Through my work with many large and niche university and non-profit organizations, one theme that surfaces in client feedback on pain points is the inconsistency of job-related information on a constituent or the relationships and hierarchies for corporations with many subsidiaries, foundations, and allied entities. Job-related data changes more quickly than biographical data and is much harder to find and confirm. This information is critical as it provides opportunities for Matching Gifts, key information for prospect researchers, and strategic initiatives such as Corporate Development and more. “

To learn more about refreshing your Pro-data before the Giving Season, please contact us here or call Bob Sands at 540.999.8818, email [email protected].

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