BRD works with the Government of El Salvador: Connecting Alumni and Investors

Following productive discussions with various universities and the Head of the “Invest in El Salvador” program initiative as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I am thrilled to share our collaboration with the Government of El Salvador. Together, we aim to assist universities across the country in tracking the career paths of their alumni and identifying Salvadorans who have pursued higher education both within El Salvador and abroad. These identified individuals will be considered potential investors in support of the country’s numerous economic initiatives.

Our journey led us through enchanting locations, including Ilopongo, San Martin, Suchitoto, Volcanetenango, El Sunzal, El Puerto de La Libertad, Playa del Tonco, and much of San Salvador. These experiences solidified our belief that El Salvador is a remarkable nation currently undergoing transformative historical changes. Notably, El Salvador is set to host the Miss Universe Pageant in November and the World Surfing Championship in 2024.

BRD has appointed its inaugural employee in the capital of San Salvador and is preparing to establish a small office as our operational hub for an expanded presence across the entire Latin American market.

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