Top University is Now Hiring: Web3 Fundraising Strategist

Top University is Now Hiring: Web3 Fundraising Strategist

Does this seem far off? Well, it shouldn’t, but it’s also a soon to be reality as universities and non-profits nationwide look for ways to engage the under 45 crowd as well as their international alumni. We know more than 50% of all crypto retail investors are under the age of 45 and that number is growing. The Job Description might look like this:

About the Job

Looking for a passionate, creative, strategic and innovative fundraiser who can plan strategy, conduct activities and build/lead a team to launch into the Web3 fundraising world and focus on our “under 40” wealthy prospects.

Critical Skills:  Marketing, Strategy, Social Marketing, Digital Marketing, Crypto, NFT, Creative Thinking, Logical Thinking, UX design, Customer Journey, Persona, Token Economics Design, Presentation

Job Description

  • Work full time remotely or in person
  • Create overall fundraising strategy, activities, plan, design token economics, set KPI and monitor results.
  • Catch the latest crypto, web3, NFT related conference information
  • Digital marketing such twitter, discord, telegram in mixture with video, banner marketing, Manage & execute Contents marketing, and copy writing
  • Collaborate with BizDev, PdM, UIUX designer, and Dev contractors to meet specification needs in line with objectives.
  • Work closely with the VP of Advancement Services and teams to meet specification needs in line with business objectives. ️ Provide feedback from the market/donors to improve our approach and pursue successful experience.
  • Lead & manage team to be hired in the future and propose innovative idea from marketing/our target donor point of view

Basic Qualifications

  • 5-7 years of online fundraising experience working for a university or nonprofit, and at least 3 years of B2C marketing experience or relevant experience in Web3 project marketing
  • Good knowledge of crypto, dApps, web3 protocols, DAO, NFT services, and their marketing strategies. (MUST of MUST)
  • Knowledge of token economics.
  • Logical, critical, strategic and creative thinking from high-level to deep execution level.
  • Quick research skill, and document organization skill
  • Ability to design KPI and run PDCA
  • Conduct all kinds of digital/SNS fundraising campaigns
  • Successful community building experience in online/real

Preferred Qualifications

  • Token economics design experiences
  • Community management or contribution of DAO
  • Good understanding of protocol & technical aspects of blockchain
  • Good understanding of NFT market, and creator’s mindset
  • Led successful token based fundraising experience
  • Experience in launching and growing a social networking account and community from scratch
  • UX writing or related experience
  • NFT creation or trading experience
  • Crypto asset investment and management experience
  • Creator experience or familiarity with industry networks

Mindset Expectation

  • Believe in the future of crypto/blockchain
  • Quick & Dirty (Being done is better than perfect)
  • Creative thinking, Idea driven with strategy
  • Think deep & multi-angle/layer
  • Enjoy chaos and challenge to create the new experiences
  • Passionate for 0 to 1 product marketing
  • Work with the team, and fight for the user
  • Love for the startup and innovation

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