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At BlueRidge Data, we help you engage donors with a suite of data and technology solutions that enables you to broaden your philanthropic reach. From basic bio updates to adding the highest quality professional data available in the industry, our offerings include real-time alerts of constituent changes, wealth, and news events. We’ve also created BRD CryptoGifts, our simple yet tech-sophisticated donor page plug-in, that instantly gives you the ability to receive crypto-currencies within your current giving page. Finally, we specialize in maximizing the yield on employer matching gifts with our Matching Gift Manager which captures every employer matching eligible donation regardless of where the gift is donated – offline or online. In short, BRD has you covered.

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Matching Gift LookUp

matching gift widget
A website plug-in embedded into Giving Forms that enables donors to determine if their employer has a matching gift program and, if so, display the ratio, eligibility, min/max gift, and URL to file for a match. It can also be used to match gift administrators to search.


A turnkey solution that appends employer information to donors and non-donors to uncover new matching gift opportunities and sends an email with a matching gift URL and related match information to the donor (or non-donor) to initiate a match. It also provides full analytics for your matching gift administrator. Offers an optional streamlined end-point to capture the gift and match using QuickGift’s Custom Ask technology.

Matching Gifts API

Matching Gift APIs for all endpoints, including employer, ratio, min/max amount, funds distribution date, and eligibility

Matching Gifts Screening

We offer two types of Matching Gift screenings, including Individual Employer and/or Organizational records, to validate match eligibility and provide related matching gift policy information – including the employer’s matching gift form URL.

Matching Gift Manager

Corporate gift matching

Our premium matching gift solution that maximizes the yield of matching gifts by identifying eligible donations, motivating donors to apply for them, understanding where the gift is in process, when to expect the disbursement, and where it is coming from (3rd-party or direct from a company) and finally making easier to post them in the gift processing system. 

Features include:

  • Integration with the most popular Advancement CRMs and their gift processing modules, such as Ellucian, Blackbaud, Salesforce
  • Includes BRD EmployerConnect, which updates individual donors’ constituents’ employment data, including integration into common Advancement Platform CRMs such as Ellucian, Blackbaud, and Salesforce.
  • Updates/adds current employment data of donors in real-time – as they make their gifts – regardless of how they make them – online, offline, via social, phonation, mobile, text, etc. This is done via an API connection using BRD’s proprietary EmployerConnect data enrichment service.
  • Automatically matches employer data info against the most popular providers of matching gift databases, including BRD, Affinaquest (formerly HEPdata), and Double-the-donation. Note: API access to the matching gift databases must be arranged directly with the above providers and contracted through the vendors of your choice.
  • Automatically engages matching gift-eligible donors via email or text when they make their gifts with links to apply for their match.
  • Monitor progress as they apply.
  • Provides user-configurable dashboards, analytics, and reporting
  • Easy reconciliation of matching gifts back into their Advancement gift processing system, regardless of whether the disbursement comes from a third party such as Benevity, Blackbaud Yourcause, or Cyber Grants.

As advancement services guru John Taylor, of John H. Taylor Consulting LLC, shared,

“Professional data is key to all of my higher ed customers from prospect research, matching gifts, and the fundraising side. BlueRidge Data not only provides current employment information and career trajectories on alumni but business emails and profiles on each of their employers!”

Advancement > Data Hygiene & Enrichment Services


Appending of professional data, including:

  • Current – Employer, Job Title, Start Date, Experience Description, Industry,
  • Past – Former Employers, Job Titles, Start/End Dates, Experience Descriptions, Industries
  • Other – Linked-in URL, Educational History,
  • Optional matching gift flag add-on


Appending of business and/or personal email addresses. Semi-annual and Quarterly refresh options are available options (recommended).


Appending of business and/or personal mobile phone numbers. Semi-annual and Quarterly refresh options are available options (recommended).

National Change of Address (NCOA)

Matches constituent records against the NCOA database, which is maintained by the United States Postal Service using both family (last name only) and individual (first and last name) match logic. We match against an address you have an update if there is a change. Semi, Annual, and Quarterly refresh options are available options (recommended).

Proprietary Change of Address (PCOA+)

This service goes beyond the standard National Change of Address (NCOA) to track and update their mailing lists for individuals who have moved more accurately. This is commonly used for lost addresses.
Here’s how it works:

  • Building on NCOA: PCOA starts by utilizing the NCOA database, the official U.S. Postal Service registry for change-of-address information. This ensures you capture most address changes.
  • Expanding Accuracy: However, PCOA doesn’t stop there. It uses proprietary algorithms and additional data sources, such as public records, credit card activity, and utility company updates, to identify address changes that might not be reported to the NCOA. This expands the coverage and increases the accuracy of your mailing list.
  • Benefits of PCOA+ include:
    • Higher accuracy: You’re more likely to reach your target audience with updated addresses.
    • Reduced costs: Sending mail to out-of-date addresses can be expensive and wasteful. PCOA helps you avoid this.
    • Improved marketing efforts: Accurate mailing lists lead to more effective marketing campaigns with better target reach and engagement.


First integrated, real-time data enrichment solution in the industry that identifies, adds, changes, and maintains current professional information on your alumni and constituents. The EmployerConnect App delivers stellar professional data directly into your CRM with built in tables to validate and update employers as needed. We offer both a scheduled or real-time (via API’s) update of constituent Employment data including integration into common Advancement Platform CRMs such as Ellucian, Blackbaud and Salesforce.

Additionally, we update the “organization” tables/objects. Benefits include:

  • Increase your matching gift yield by identifying donors who work for companies that offer matching gifts.
  • Roll out your corporate giving strategy by understanding companies where Alumni work.
  • Identify new major gift and mid-level donors with an insight into career trajectories and Title ranks
  • Particularly beneficial for maximizing matching gift potential.

Advancement > Real-Time Alerts


CareerNotes is an innovative service that provides real-time email alerts about job and title changes and noteworthy news related to your alumni. With “ClassNotes,” you can stay up-to-date on all alumni job changes, identify emerging talent (“Rising Stars”), and effectively engage with your alumni when it matters most.

One of the key benefits of Career Notes is the ability to identify C-suite executives, opening major gift opportunities quickly. By analyzing the professional profiles of your alumni, you can also determine appropriate ask amounts for fundraising initiatives. Moreover, you can read about significant news events involving your alumni, informing you about their achievements and activities.

What sets CareerNotes apart is that you don’t need to share your alumni data with us. We proactively push the updated data to you, ensuring you have the most current information. Our tracking system operates in real-time, allowing you to access the latest updates promptly.

To cater to your needs, CareerNotes offers flexible subscription options. You can choose a month-to-month subscription or take advantage of discounted rates for yearly and two-year subscriptions.


  • Stay current on not just a few alumni job changes but all alumni job changes
  • Identify and track those “RisingStars”
  • Help alumni stay engaged by engaging them when it counts
  • Easily spot C-suite executives for major gift opportunities
  • Identify and adjust ask amounts based on professional profiles
  • Read up on noteworthy news events involving your alumni
  • No need to send us your alumni data; we push the data to you!
  • BRD tracks changes in REAL-TIME


WealthNotes provides real-time email alerts about wealth events of your constituents, including:

Alert Description Relevance
News Mention Monitor News Mentions of your prospects and clients. A News Mention provides an opportunity to reach out or reconnect with a prospect or client.
Investment Received Company received an investment. Senior and middle management likely to have shares and may benefit from the investment depending on the size and conditions.
Company Achieves Unicorn Status Private company reaching $1 billion valuation. Company will be most likely either be acquired, receive significant funding or IPO. Start to follow management teams and executives.
Company Acquired Company was sold. Senior and middle management likely to have shares and benefits from acquisition.
IPO Filing Used by companies planning on going public to register their securities with the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Senior and middle management likely to have shares and benefit from IPO. IPO is approximately 3 to 6 months after filing.
IPO An initial public offering (IPO) refers to the process of offering shares of a private corporation to the public in a new stock issuance. Shares are now tradable on an exchange. Depending on if a person has a lockup period, he/she can sell shares.
SPAC Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) also known as “blank check companies” allow private companies to go public through acquisition, rather than through a formal IPO (Initial Public Offering). SPAC executives generally receive 10-15 percent of the deal once they acquire the private company which has to be within 2 years of the SPAC’s IPO.
Insider Stock Sale, Acquisition, Purchase When a company insider buys or sells stock on the open market, the law states that the company/insider must make the trade details public. When a transaction occurs, remaining share value is displayed.
Real Estate transactions Home purchases and sales. A home purchase or sale can be indicate a wealth event and location changes.

Advancement > Platform


Rising Star Employee Being Recognized

We identify/profile mid-level (5K-100K range) RisingStars, who are difficult to track and are potential major givers of the future. We update liquidity events, career changes, promotions, M&A for both public and private companies and VC funding in real time along with the best relationship mapping in the space via our cloud platform. We automatically send you email alerts when an event occurs!

The delta between annual fund and major gifts has often been insurmountable…. Not anymore! With our platform, you can quickly sort alumni and donors based on geo-location, titles, salary, net worth along with people of influence in their network. Simply put, RisingStars is the best source for wealth and corporate data on the planet!

We deliver real-time monitoring, identifying and harvesting of high-propensity wealth events and how they directly impact donors in a predictive, prescriptive and personalized way, enabling clients with AI powered solutions including data products and app based insights to track money flow.

Let’s have a conversation.

What clients are saying about us.

John Yetman, Co-Founder
The Association for Enterprise Growth (AEG)

“Rising Stars is a game changer for us. Using the platform, we quickly uncover wealth opportunities and the relationship mapping shows us our path of least resistance. Well done BRD!”

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