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Use the RisingStars platform for Career Service needs to access 80 Million professional profiles to identify your alumni pool by employer, industry, super-connectors, Email, Phone and much more. Perfect for career development, Alumni outreach, mentorship programs and first definition reporting, marketing and more.

Career Services

Career Services

Alumni CareerPath

Identifying alumni career trajectories, especially young alumni, is a challenge for most career development staff. Why? You’re dependent on LinkedIn® and doing a single lookup to capture the data which is extremely time consuming. Multiply that time spent by the number of Constituents you have in your file. Impossible?

What if you could capture career history for nearly all your Alumni instantly for a few cents per record? Yes, it is now Possible with Alumni CareerPath, by BlueRidge Data. What’s more, CareerPath now instantly alerts you of career changes of your C-level Alums – not 90 days later!

Track Constituents from the first professional job to their current employer, including title and salary at each job. Not only that, we provide current information such as:

  • Employer Name
  • Position
  • Duration (Start/End)
  • Inferred Salary (per position)
  • Industry
  • Contact Information
  • LinkedIn® URL
Alumni CareerPath

Some use cases include: Provide key data for Institutional studies of professional progress of alums; Supplement first destination data; Build Alumni testimonials; Locate lost Alumni; Track employment by industry for degree efficacy. Prospect Research, and much more…

Let BlueRidge Data identify the entire span of an Alum’s professional career from their first job to their current job – from industry to promotions to time spent with each employer – including their inferred salary at each position. It’s public information, yet extremely time-consuming and difficult to assemble your alumni professional profiles so you can concentrate on career development and engagement.

Career Services


Not interested in using a platform at this time? Simply send us a file to our secure server and we’ll identify recent grad professional data including employer, title and salary to help satisfy First Destination reporting requirements. Improve your Knowledge Rate and find out if alumni are being employed in their area of study. We can even identify alumni who have gone on to grad school. We’ve helped over 100 top institutions improve their reporting data – whether 6 or 12 months out, 5 or 10 years out.

BRD will provide the most accurate career data available.

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John Yetman, Co-Founder
The Association for Enterprise Growth (AEG)

“Rising Stars is a game changer for us. Using the platform, we quickly uncover wealth opportunities and the relationship mapping shows us our path of least resistance. Well done BRD!”

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