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BRD works with the Government of El Salvador: Connecting Alumni and Investors

Following productive discussions with various universities and the Head of the “Invest in El Salvador” program initiative as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, BRD announces the collaboration with the Government of El Salvador. Together, BRD will assist universities across the country in tracking the career paths of their alumni and identifying Salvadorans who have pursued higher education both within El Salvador and abroad. These identified individuals will be considered potential investors in support of the country’s numerous economic initiatives.

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Beyond CRM Conversions: The Hidden Driver Behind Alumni Data Enrichment

It is evident that many fundraisers recognize that having cutting-edge technology alone is not sufficient to accomplish their objectives. Even the best CRM software will fall short without high-quality alumni data to support their efforts. It’s not uncommon for institutions to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on their CRM systems, but only allocate a fraction of that amount to data management.

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BRD Launches ClassNotes for Community Colleges!

BRD just released a new service for Community Colleges called ClassNotes. The groundbreaking solution sends real-time email notifications about job and title changes, as well as noteworthy news related to Community Colleges former students. Find lost alumni, stay current on all job changes, identify up-and-coming talent, engage with your alumni when it counts, and even spot major gift opportunities…

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