Who We Are And Why It Matters

We’re a boutique data technology firm that prides itself in delivering hard-to-find information to help Higher Education Advancement, Career Services and Institutional Research to identify and engage constituents. It matters because relationships matter. BRD renewal rates are at 100% in 2021, far exceeding the industry average. We have the honor of serving clients such as Yale, Texas A&M, University of Texas, UNC among others. Clients renew when their partners deliver results.

Why BlueRidge Data

Our firm does things differently. We know that one of the greatest challenges facing Higher Ed is the quality of data. We aren’t a data commodity broker like many of the data providers in the space. Distilled data, at its essence, is an approach that takes the most crucial elements of any data set and provides what is needed to make decisions. Too much data encumbers the decision making process, while data distilled by BRD empowers users to do what they do best.

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Our Platform

Our platform, RisingStars, and technology provide access to developed predictive algorithms and machine learning/AI techniques to create a comprehensive “data superset” of 210 million U.S. consumer profiles and 80 Million professional profiles. We unify consumer and professional profiles and offer a 360º view; rich in behavioral analytics, dynamic insights, real-time wealth events, predictive purchase intent and deeply nuanced relationship mapping. This provides an added dimension to traditional data providers.

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Our Values

We believe in doing business the right way with Integrity, bringing constant Curiosity to the discussion, with Concern about our Client’s mission and goals, building long-term Relationships and ultimately delivering Results.

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Expertise and Experience

BlueRidge Data was founded by Stephen Hafner, the former CEO and Founder of HEPdata (now a SSB/Affinaquest company), who pioneered Employer Matching Gift technologies – along with a talented cadre of industry veterans – with combined experience of over 75 years in EdTech.  To learn more about BlueRidge Data,  read Our Story. 

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