Break Through the Noise for Your Giving Day Campaign. Go Old-school Direct Mail and Convert!

Consider using a Direct Mail appeal as part of your Giving Day strategy. With donors receiving numerous digital asks, standing out with old-school print and a ‘NextGen’ twist could make all the difference. Utilize BRG’s Print2Give service and our CustomAsk technology, which is built on a branded hosted version of QuickGift, to provide a personalized and streamlined online giving endpoint for your fundraising appeals that you can launch in just one day.

Here’s how it works: Determine a custom ask for each donor based on their giving history or capacity to give. We will provide you with a QR code and an associated URL for each donor. Simply include this in your Direct Mail response. When a donor scans the QR code with their mobile device, they will be directed to a unique, branded, and personalized giving form, where they can make a donation in seconds. It’s that simple!

Of course, QuickGift offers comprehensive ways to donate, including Venmo, Apple Pay, Google Pay, CashApp, Crypto as well as traditional Credit Card and ACH payments.

COMING SOON: Stay tuned for an exciting partnership announcement for Print2Give over the next few weeks.

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