Retain Monthly Givers With A Simple QuickGift Credit Card Update Feature!

Did you know that most credit cards have a 4-year expiration cycle? This means that within a 12-month period, approximately 1 in 4 of your recurring donors will be issued a new credit card. Additionally, when you factor in stolen credit card numbers, the actual percentage of credit card holders whose cards change annually is even higher than 25%!

Have you considered the impact of this on monthly giving and retention rates?

With QuickGift, our technology emails the donor (and Cc’s staff) the minute a card is rejected and takes them to a secure page to update their card information to keep the monthly gifts flowing.

To learn more, please visit us at, or click the button below to setup a demo. Ask about our 30-day trial program.

QuickGift Tournament Challenge

Learn about BRG’s QuickGift, our online donation solution specifically created for the next generation of philanthropists. QuickGift offers fully customizable and branded giving forms that seamlessly integrate into university websites within minutes. As cryptocurrencies, digital wallets, and Millennials’ involvement in charitable giving continue to grow, now is the opportune moment to explore these possibilities and enhance the donation experience…

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