Take the QuickGift Tournament Challenge and Make It Rain 3’s With Blueridge Giving!

Help blow-out your fundraising score with QuickGift by BRG, the fastest online giving solution on the planet.

Here’s how it works:

Let’s say your team wins in a nail biter to advance to the Sweet-16. What do you do? Do you send a campaign that takes your Alumni, fans and friends to a giving page with generic ask amounts? Do you ask for information that you already know about them – like first and last name, address, email, etc.? Or, do you take them to a personalized donation page which calculates custom ask amounts based on their giving history and requires nothing more than simply their email and gift amount. We’ve even streamlined their transaction by enabling you to take modern payment methods, like Venmo, ApplePay, GooglePay, Crypto, etc. (as well as traditional credit cards and and ACH if they prefer).

QuickGift Tournament Challenge
Play above the rim and take the QuickGift Challenge to Advance to the Big Dance. Join the many users who have taken the QuickGift challenge to drain fundraising threes! Schedule a conversation with us in March by clicking the below, and we’ll waive our setup-up fee (up to $3K).

As Dickie V. always says: “It’s Awesome, baby!”.

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