BRD Launches ClassNotes for Community Colleges!


BRD ClassNotes for Community Colleges!

 As a founder of three data technology firms and former student at Northern Virginia Community College, I am dedicated to bringing the same data solutions to community colleges as we offer to four-year institutions. NOVA provided me with countless benefits, including meeting my wife, making lifelong friends, and an affordable pathway to college. I was fortunate to have had some truly amazing professors, like Dr. Natasha Drury and Dr. Terry Alford, who always fostered lively discussions and debate in the classroom. I am grateful for my experience at NOVA, and the foundation it gave me to succeed academically as I matriculated to George Mason University.

With the above in mind, I have some exciting news to share with you today! BRD has just released an innovative new service called ClassNotes for Community Colleges. This groundbreaking solution sends real-time email notifications about promotions and job changes, as well as noteworthy news related to Alumni and former students. With ClassNotes, you can find lost former students, remain current on their career, identify up-and-coming talent and even spot major gift opportunities. We also offer an option to add their contact information so you can engage them when it counts.

What’s remarkable about ClassNotes is that you don’t need to share your alumni data with us. We actively deliver the updated data to you, ensuring that you always have the most up-to-date information. Our tracking system works in real-time, so you’ll always be kept current.


– Identify lost alumni and former students.
– Stay current on not just a few alumni job changes, but all alumni job changes.
– Help alumni stay engaged by engaging them when it counts.
– Spot C-suite executives for major gift opportunities.
– Read up on noteworthy news events involving your alumni.
– Track changes in REAL-TIME; automatically sends email to notify team members.
– Add option to import professional data, mobile phone and personal email for import into your CRM.
– No need to send us your alumni data, we push the data to you!

We offer flexible subscription options to meet your needs. You can choose a month-to-month subscription or take advantage of discounted rates for yearly and two-year subscriptions. If you’re searching for an innovative solution to help you stay connected with your community college alumni an former students, ClassNotes is worth exploring!

To learn more, please visit us at, or click the button below to setup a conversation.

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