Turn 10% of Donors into Double Donors with BlueRidge Data!

Universities nationwide are making the most of

BlueRidge Data for their matching gift campaigns!!!


Many universities across the nation are capitalizing on the power of BlueRidge Data for their matching gift campaigns. A prime example is a prestigious state university in Indiana. The university entrusts BlueRidge Data with its monthly donors, who are validated and updated for their employer information and then if their employer is match eligible – with an impressive 8-10% qualifying on average. BlueRidge Data then returns the enriched data, complete with matching gift employee log-ins and forms, so the university can drive direct mail and online donor engagement and conversion.

Furthermore, BlueRidge Data offers to handle engagement on behalf of the university by proactively reaching out to donors and alerting them about their matching gift opportunities. What’s more, they adeptly utilize the match gift incentive to entice and convert non-donors. Through our optional BlueRidge Giving QuickGift donation solution, BRD can strategically propose a customer ask amount based on previous giving history or the minimum gift match amount for non-donors. Notably, a resounding 84% of donors express that they are more inclined to donate when a match is offered.

To learn more, please visit us at blueridgedata.com, or click the button below to setup a conversation.

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