Personalized Asks for Print, Email Appeals Based on Historical Giving!

QuickGift by BlueRidge Giving and Custom Donations

What happens when your donors receive a direct mail appeal and go to give online? Do they see a personalized suggested gift amount based on giving history or potential versus the default amounts your forms are likely using?

What if you are able to present a cohesive ask across all appeals – print, email, social, and text? What if you could streamline and personalize this process, allowing donors to give easily in seconds from their smartphones? What if you could launch all this today?

We have good news for you: We Can Help! With QuickGift by BlueRidge Giving and Custom Donations, we’ve built a breakthrough technology that allows you to set a Personalized Ask by individual Constituent that you set based on giving history or potential.

Check it out:

quickgift qrcodes

Example. Say you want to uplift a segment of donor’s from last years giving by 10%. QuickGift programmatically builds the increase into your campaign by generating a Custom URL that brings those donors to a giving page and renders options with the 10% increase two additional options which are greater (vs. directing to a generic giving page). What’s more, you can send a similar email campaign, for example, that sends the same 10% uplift amount, so the donor receives consistent ask amounts in both your Print and Email campaigns.

QuickGift Features:

  • Quick gift transactions;
  • Personalized & consistent asks for print and email campaigns;
  • Rapid, same-day setup;
  • Hosted, matched university- branded giving page, friendly URL, flexible forms;
  • 27+ payment options, including modern digital wallets (i.e., Venmo, ApplePay, GooglePay,
  • Cryptocurrency, etc.);
  • Tracks donor and appeal codes for easy CRM posting;
  • Matching Gifts;
  • Custom thank-you / tax receipting email.

schedule before Jan 1 and we'll waive our setup fee (up to $2,500)

We invite you to see QuickGift in action and schedule before Jan 1 and we’ll waive our setup fee (up to $2,500) should you decide to move forward with QuickGift.
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