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What the heck is an NFT? …and, what does it have to do with my Prospects, Alumni and Donors?

Take Crypto donations and make it as simple as donating on credit cards, DAFs or securities. Why? Crypto Wealthy are givers, and they want to give in Crypto. Many think of Crypto assets in terms of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency when in fact Crypto includes another asset class known as NFTs. Universities should be ready to accept gifts in cryptocurrency as well as NFT’s. The new wealthy (who we call ‘RisingStars’) are highly invested into Crypto, RisingStars will Donate NFTs. Universities should know Constituents with with significant Crypto holdings and NFTs are an amazing Fundraising opportunity. Email BRD @ [email protected] for a conversation.

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Crypto Philanthropists are Rising Stars

The Romans often said, “fortune favors the brave.” Nothing could be truer than when it comes to engaging your community of crypto philanthropists. Sitting on the sidelines, while safe, won’t bring you many gifts of crypto currency this year.

The fact is there’s been more discussion about crypto philanthropy in the latter half of 2021 than there has been in the past 5 years. We saw a $5m Cryptocurrency Gift to the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School (the largest ever in HigherEd), stadiums being named, sports teams being sponsored, television ads and even Universities being gifted NFTs, and the list goes on. Is it a fad? We don’t think so.

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Tarleton State University Leverages BlueRidge Data to Grow Revenue

The Central Intelligence for Advancement platform offers three main components: a data management platform that unites, cleans, segments and reports on data across multiple sources; a matching gift program that identifies opportunities, automates follow up and tracks completion; and a wealth screening tool from SSB Partner Blueridge Data that offers insight into donor wealth demographics. This comprehensive solution transforms how higher education institutions approach fundraising by allowing for highly targeted and personalized marketing efforts to develop relationships and yield revenue.

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