Are you tracking your Alumni career trajectories?

Track constituents from their first professional job to their current employer.

Tracking alumni career trajectories can be nearly impossible. Why? You’re largely dependent on social media and doing a single lookup to capture the data which is extremely time consuming. Multiply that time spent by the number of constituents you have in your file and, well, you get the idea…

What if you could capture career history for your Alumni within 48 hours for a few cents per record? Our clients, like Louisiana Delta Community College, just found out what a difference in time and cost it can make!

Track Constituents from their first professional job to their current employer, including title and salary with Alumni CareerPath by BlueRidge Data.

Some use cases include the following: Provide key data for Institutional studies of professional progress of alums; Supplement First Destination data; Build Alumni testimonials; Track employment by industry for degree efficacy; Improve key metrics for marketing and much more.

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