A Paradigm Shift: Capture Professional Data vs. Current Employer

Too often, fundraisers think of Alumni employment information as biographical data like they might address, phone, email, etc. Though equally important, all types of Professional Data (“Pro data”) have now become a data type of its own – a category of which has critical and strategic importance to your fundraising initiatives. In fact, we’d go further: Pro-data is, above all else, the most significant category of data you can collect and keep current on all individual constituents – alumni, donor, friend, spouse, or parent. Why? Pro-data gives you:

  • An opportunity to engage a donor
  • Access to your C-suite of executives for cultivation
  • Is the basis for Prospect Research
  • Enables Stewardship
  • Matching Gifts (1 in 10 donors works for a matching gift company, approximately)
  • Career Development
  • Corporate Relations

To learn more about this paradigm shift and how you can more efficiently collect Pro data, please contact us at https://blueridgedata.com/contact/

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